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Each Ballet bracelet comes with a bulletproof three (3) year warranty. In addition to being covered under our standard manufacturer's guarantee, we go a step further to ensure you feel comfortable wearing your bracelet on a daily basis, without worry.

If, for any reason, your bracelet breaks or is damaged we will repair or replace your bracelet at no cost....regardless of the reason for the damage.

Snap it in half? Dog chew on it? Lost a diamond? No problem - we'll fix or replace it, no questions asked. 

Is there a catch? We don't cover loss or theft and, unless the issue was due to a manufacturing defect, redemption is limited to one lifetime claim per bracelet.

The warranty is non-transferrable, meaning that coverage is only provided to it's original owner; in the case of a gift, the original owner will have to request the repair. 

The term of the warranty begins on the date of purchase (as shown on your sales receipt) and will remain in force for three (3) calendar years. Any claims made after the three year period will not be honored, even if the damage occurred during the warranty period.